The Story So Far!

Cleverpops were inspired by a parent's experience at supermarket checkouts.

Imagine the scene, small children pleading for sugar laden lollipops that also contain the awful food colourings, artificial flavours and sweeteners we read about every day and are advised to avoid.

It is a situation many parents are aware of. You feel guilty if you give the child the unhealthy lolly and you feel guilty if you don't because they become upset and wonder why other children have them.

It is really difficult to explain this to your child.

Louise Carr-Smith knew there was answer to this common problem. As an experienced food industry professional with a career at Unilever PLC and now mother of two small children she was in the perfect position to come up with a solution. 

Surely it was possible to create a lolly that children love and contains only healthy ingredients? Yes. It's called Cleverpop!

Launched in 2013 after several years of research, Cleverpop is now available to buy online and at a growing number of retailers..  

Health Benefits

Cleverpop is a totally unique lollipop that is actually good for you. Find out about Cleverpop's Health Benefits

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