Vitamin C

Cleverpop contains 100% of the recommended daily amount of Vitamin C in each and every lollipop! This promotes well being.

OrangeVitamin C is also known as Ascorbic acid. It is a naturally occurring organic compound with antioxidant properties.

Plants produce ascorbic acid from glucose. So isn't the Vitamin C in fruits and vegetables a better and more natural source?

Well, the human body recognises all sources as the same vitamin. But for effective uptake it does need a 'cofactor'. Vitamin C derived naturally from plants has cofactors in the form of bioflavonoids. They increase the bioavailability of vitamin C by 30 percent. There are many cofactors, scores yet to be discovered, that are naturally found in food. They work hand in hand, helping the human body absorb essential nutrients. Their job of making essential nutrients more digestible is vital to human health.

Our products use ascorbic acid together with fruit and vegetables in our colours and flavours, giving enough bioflavonoids to enhance uptake. So choose Cleverpop over an expensive Vitamin C supplement, where ascorbic acid is an isolate!

To find out more about Vitamin C please see the Wikipedia Page